How IT executives can speed applications development with DevSecOps


Transform your applications development with DevSecOps

Accelerate your software development to outpace change — and the competition. Learn how your organization can deliver quality at speed.

DevSecOps provides a flexible platform for continuous improvement, allowing you to quickly develop and roll out new applications while protecting your critical digital assets.

A Comprehensive Approach to Secure Applications

As enterprises move through the digital transformation journey, IT executives understand the importance of security and compliance - particulary when it comes to applications development.

A Comprehensive Approach to Secure Applications highlights why security is mission-critical for applications development, and details how security can be sucessfully integrated into every step of the DevOps life cycle.

How DevSecOps can keep you ahead of the competition

Discover how DevSecOps can turn your organization into a competitive powerhouse by transforming your applications development process.

Five Steps to Secure Digital Transformation

Don’t let cyber attacks sidetrack your digital transformation. Learn how to protect your digital core and build security into the software development lifecycle with Transforming Security: Five Steps to Secure Digital Transformation.

‘Top Four Must-Haves’

Technology advances, evolving customer expectations, and new business models are all forcing organizations to accelerate digital transformation. There are four critical ‘must-haves’ that can determine the success or failure of your transformation initiatives.

DevSecOps: Faster Than the Speed of Change

With DevSecOps, staying ahead of the competition means having the confidence to take risks. DXC and Micro Focus can help you master control and deliver faster time to value — all with complete security.


DevSecOps: Perspectives from leading global consultants

Explore why leading IT market intelligence firms believe that delivering DevSecOps and digital transformation is imperative for enterprises and large organizations.

‘Enabling Digital Transformation’ by IDC

According to IDC, digital transformation relies on software delivery and agile DevOps.

Without Enterprise DevOps strategies, organizations will struggle. Discover what IDC calls ‘the key enterprise DevOps elements for DX and innovation.’

Forrester ‘Total Economic Impact’

Forrester Consulting found that enterprises could achieve significant savings and business benefits by employing Micro Focus Application Management Delivery tools. For example, improved test automation alone may generate almost $4 million in incremental operating margin over three years.

Hands-on insights from the industry professionals

DevSecOps experts offer practical guidance on how to transform software development.
Robert Haas
Global DevSecOps Product Manager, DXC

Accelerate Adoption of DevSecOps at Scale

Robert Haas outlines four critical steps to accelerating and scaling DevSecOps adoption. Creating an environment that fosters continuous improvement tops the list.
Jason Benfield
Director, Product Management, ADM, Alliance Strategy, Micro Focus

How Managed DevSecOps Creates More Control

Robert Haas and Jason Benfield lead a discussion with industry experts on how managed DevSecOps allows organizations to gain control, innovate, safely fail — and deliver Speed to Value.

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Cutting the Clutter: How Reducing Complexity in Software Delivery Can Improve Business Performance

Along with lower costs and faster time to market, organizations adopting Agile and DevOps can experience an unintended consequence — increased complexity due to decentralization.

In 'Cutting the Clutter: How Reducing Complexity in Software Delivery Can Improve Business Performance,' industry expert Raffi Margaliot shares key strategies for reducing complexity and unleashing the full potential of Agile and DevOps.

Accelerate your DevSecOps transformation: The DXC and Micro Focus Proof of Concept


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