Imagine what's possible with unified customer data

Modern customer experiences leveraging automation solutions are undoubtedly achieving. From social media and service platforms to chatbots, content hubs, to sophisticated CRMs we are certainly driving better engagement than ever before. But does this CX toolkit come with a cost to facilitating a truly unified customer data set? Imagine what could be achieved for organisations who have a single source of customer data truth.

What could your organisation achieve with a single source of customer data truth?

It seems 67% of marketing leaders and 54% of technology leaders agree that building a single source of customer data truth is vital for driving deep personalisation and customer efficiency, with 42% admitting their organisations are ineffective in creating a single unified customer data profile.*

To date, companies have relied heavily upon Customer Relationship Management solutions to address this issue. Is this legacy approach falling short? This ineffective attempt at unifying customer data represents a significant failure to process data in ways that deliver meaningful and actionable insights. It is only with a deeper understanding that we will be able to build deeper relationships with customers and turn personalised experiences into enhanced revenue gathering opportunities.

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore these issues in greater depth and share how Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Customer Engagement Platforms (CEPs) can provide greater possibilities and that much coveted holistic, single view of the customer.

In this session, we will explore:

-What are the driving forces of change and how are they impacting the Customer Experience?

-How well are we equipped to manage the driving forces of change?

-Is there a new paradigm for enterprise architecture?

-Are CDPs and CEPs the right fit for a new enterprise architecture?

-What do we need to consider if we adopt CDPs and CEPs?

*Forrester report: The Quest For Data-Driven Engagement In APAC And The Middle East’, March 2021

Meet your speakers

Matthew Varone

Managing Consultant, Marketing Technology

As a results-oriented digital marketing leader, Matthew has extensive Marketing Technology experience, including Automation, Customer Relationship Management and other enterprise systems that interface and deliver successful data-driven outcomes. He has practical application knowledge of Marketo, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, Emarsys and SAP, as well as delivering omnichannel marketing strategy and consulting engagements, solving complex MarTech problems as a Business Architect within large enterprise environments.

Negar Mokhtarnia

Product Lead- Customer Lifecycle & Growth, Pet Circle 

Negar is the Product Lead at Pet Circle leading the CRM and retention strategies. She has spent the last 3 years at Pet Circle building better customer engagement through use of data and experimentation. Previously Negar has managed a North American loyalty program and worked with a number of clients to drive customer engagement through use of insights and strengthen brands.

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