Doing Cloud Right™ can deliver huge benefits for financial services companies


A paper on how banking and capital markets can stay relevant and ahead when it comes to cloud

Pressured by growing customer expectations and the need to modernize legacy systems, the banking and capital markets (BCM) industry is at a critical juncture. Many banks are turning to cloud as a catalyst for rapid service delivery and increased agility, and those that execute a well-planned cloud strategy with the right skills in place will have tremendous opportunities to achieve competitive advantages and business success.

We will explore the many business challenges facing BCM companies today, how they can benefit from cloud and provide the basic steps we consider crucial to taking advantage of what cloud has to offer. The focus will be on the importance of building a business case and knowing what is required to execute a cloud strategy that achieves the scalability, security and simplicity that can result from doing cloud right.

The challenges of the new digital world

The last decade has seen a radical transformation in the delivery of financial services. The global pandemic has accelerated customers’ craving for digital-first services and start-ups with disruptive banking technologies make the marketplace even more competitive. Disruptor scale-ups using born-in-the-cloud and mobile-first technologies, combined with product engineering operating models, are transforming how we all engage with our financial institutions and shaping our customer journeys.

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As the use of sophisticated and secure ways of migrating to the cloud grows steadily across the industry, many financial services institutions are reaping meaningful business benefits by making the move. Learn how DXC’s Cloud RightTM solution, an approach that focuses on deploying the right technology at the right time on the right platform, enables a secure, technically appropriate and cost-effective hybrid platform compliant with regulations related to zero data-loss.

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