From confusion to compliance

On Tuesday, November 14, at 10 AM CET, our very own @Christian Ravn and @Torbjørn Remmen will do a 45-minute webinar about how to comply with NIS2, DORA, and CER. 

Want to know, how to get started?

In the webinar, we look at how you work with regulations today and dive into the compliance challenges of tomorrow. Or, well, of 2024. Christian and Torbjørn will also provide practical insights and show real-world solutions in ServiceNow, that will help you structure and create the documentation you need.

Presenter: Christian Ravn, 
ServiceNow IRM Solution Lead, Europe

  • Advisor on NIS2 and DORA ServiceNow project
  • Connection ServiceNow IRM and the Risk & Compliance landscape
  • Risk Management 24/7 with my daughter, Ronja (2)
Presenter: Torbjørn Remmen,  
Head of SecOps, Norway
  • Transforming cybersecurity from duty into a delight—that's my mantra.
  • The only thing more important than cybersecurity is family.
  • Proud dad to Mia (2) and Ellie (6).

We hope to see you at the 45-minute webinar on November 14 at 10 AM CET. Just fill out the form, get it in your calendar, and wait for the day to arrive. We can't wait!

All the best,

Michelle from Marketing