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Learn how to empower your business with the help of DXC services and Microsoft Azure.

Data connectivity, visibility and analytics can help you to cut costs, transform your supply chain and provide competitive advantages. The speakers and experts will share real-life examples and insights to outline how the new reality  could look like and what steps are needed to leverage digital technologies for business benefits.

From this DXC webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Which value you can get from DXC and Microsoft Azure
  •  How DXC Migration Factory approach can help you on your journey to Microsoft Azure
  • Why and how other companies are on this journey with DXC and Microsoft already
  • Get insights on real-life examples and how the new reality look like.

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Eugene Piric
Microsoft Sales Director for Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise
Leading team of Solutions and Technical Sales professionals in Central and East Europe helping Customers, Partners and Microsoft subsidiaries adopt and accelerate business value from Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Advanced workloads and solutions spanning across Big Data/Advanced Analytics, Hybrid Cloud Storage and Hybrid Cloud Storage Gateway (StorSimple), Business Continuity and Disaster recovery (ASR), Azure PaaS/Iaas, Enable application Innovation and Internet of Things

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Thomas Zimmer
Head of DXC Analytics, Austria & Eastern Europe
Thomas has more than 15 years of experience in the data engineering and analytics area. He was holding several management and leadership position within DXC in this field. He provides a broad experience and knowledge in Information Management, Information Integration, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management Software Solutions, as well as long leadership experience in different industries.

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DXC & Microsoft Webinar Recording: The Power of Data. How to use it to support your business in the new reality.

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