Recorded Webinar: The Impact of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
Data has become a highly valuable resource, and it’s cheaper than ever to capture and store. Today, more manufacturers than ever are leveraging that data to significantly improve their bottom line thanks to Artificial Intelligence — and particularly and Machine Learning.

It’s a timeless manufacturing goal: producing more, higher-quality products at minimum cost.
The “Smart Manufacturing” revolution is already enabling manufacturers to reach this goal more successfully than ever — and one of the core technologies driving this new wave of innovation is Industrial Artificial Intelligence.

Google and DXC lead the way in working with manufacturers to improve operations by identifying areas of improvements and working to jointly put the valuable data that is readily available across their organisations to automate and augment processes for greater operational benefit.

Re-watch our live session which took place on the 18th November, 2020 to discover how DXC is helping other manufacturers to:

• Enhance and automate processes
• Increase predictive quality and maintenance
• Accelerate/Automate decision making
• Effective cost management
• Adhere to regulatory Implications

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